On Christmas

I have been sitting here, starting and deleting several versions of this blog post. Why? Because I am not sure what to write and there is so much I could write.

Should I reminice about past Christmasses?

Discuss how Christmas has changed for us since having kids (especially now that the elder two are old enough to really get excited by the whole affair)?

Should I get philosophical and wade into the debate as to when exactly (and why) it became “not the done thing” to use Christian greetings or terminology at a time of year when it is a (predominantly) Christian festival (all pre-Christian elements aside) that is being celebrated?

How about a discussion as to when it is appropriate to start celebrating, i.e. is it right that shops kit themselves out for “Xmas” the minute they have whipped the Halloween goodies off the shelves? Who wants to listen to carols in October…? When is too early to put up a tree?

Should I allow myself a mini-rant on the subject of culture clashes at this time of year? Tempting…tempting…it is something that deeply irritates me, that while I accomodate my husband and his family in their European tradition of having Father Christmas arrive with the presents on the evening of December 24th, to be distributed and opened immediately amid renditions by the children of various traditional songs/poems, my tradition, whereby Father Christmas comes unseen during the night of Christmas Eve and presents are opened amid squeals of excitement on the morning of December 25th, is largely dismissed as nonsence. This results in an annual argument, the solution to which is an uneasy compromise whereby only presents from his family are given/opened on the 24th and we tell the kids a tale to explain why Father Christmas came twice and then on the 25th they open up the presents from us and my family. It is not perfect, but until we come up with a better solution (or my family-in-law recognise that just because it is not their tradition does not make it less valid…I am not holding my breath…) it will have to do. I guess. Ok, I gave into temptation…

What about a debate on the virtues of homemade vs. store-bought presents?

How about a bit of crystal ball-gazing as to how future Christmasses will be celebrated?

I don’t know. Is it a fitting analogy of the glut that tends to accompany this time of year that I cannot choose, from all the possible options, one thing on which to write? Hmmm…

Well, it is only the second day in December, so perhaps I will discuss some, all or none of the above in the following weeks. We shall see.


2 thoughts on “On Christmas

  1. I know the feeling Meg! I have been debating the same for my blog. Also wondering about a rant about why children’s discos, even at christmas, are crammed with songs with wildly unsuitable lyrics… Let kids be kids etc and not have them dance around saying ‘I’m sexy and I know it’! Why not the birdy song and frosty the snowman?! Or maybe things are different in Germany?

    • Our kids have not yet reached the age of disco attendance, but I could also have a mini rant about the playing of wildly unsuitable music (in English) in foreign supermarkets… do I really need to hear some foul-mouthed female invite her recent ex to f**k off while I check out the fruit & veg?? Really? I gather children’s discos have changed quite a bit from those we attended…

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