I Want, Never Gets

Good advice from The Rolling Stones...

Good advice from The Rolling Stones…

In a rare moment of televisual bad taste, I watched a few minutes of one of these celebrity wedding programs (you know the kind: X-list TV star helps incompetent would-be groom/bride to pop the question, find a venue/suit/dress etc… “all in the best pahsible taste!”, as Cuddly Ken would have said…) the other day. I think I felt a few hundred brain cells go belly-up.

Not only was the cringeworthy-factor heightened by the celeb presenter’s massive fake eyelashes and pneumatic breasts and the couple’s truly horrific taste (note: no-one should ever, ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, get married in a hot pink meringue-dress. Got that?), but by the continual use of the phrase, “I want…” followed by whatever moronic demand had just popped into either of their heads. As my Mother always said, “I want, never gets” (after which my Father would chime in with a rendition of The Rolling Stones‘ song, You Can’t Always Get What You Want).

It is a maxim which applies to pretty much any situation in life. For example, we wanted to invite everyone we know to our wedding, seven years ago, but as we were paying for it ourselves and my parents were hosting the party in their garden (not the tiniest garden, it has to be said, but not a massive sweeping expanse of lawn either) we had to limit the guest list. Did this diminish our enjoyment of the occasion? Not a bit.

I want a house that would make Martha Stewart weep with envy. I want box rooms, a laundry, a pantry, a massive kitchen with all mod cons, a living/dining room with a beautiful ceramic wood-burning stove and, most importantly, a bedroom for every child (plus guest rooms – note the use of the plural) and a well-appointed master bedroom with an en suite bathroom (with a bath) and walk-in wardrobes. I have thought about this quite a bit, can you tell? But is this likely to happen? I have not entirely given up hope, but I don’t think our budget will ever be able to cater to this level of luxury. Will I be disappointed to live in a smaller home, but one which we can afford without going broke and ending up owing masses to the bank for the rest of our lives? No, not really. Well, maybe a tiny bit, but I don’t think it will ruin my life. I am happy to have a home. So many people do not have that luxury.

Beginning to sound a bit Pollyanna-ish. Perhaps a bit Panglossian?…anyhoo…

My point is, there are many things we may want in life, but we can’t always have them. And if we can have them, do we need them? It surely cannot be good to always be able to get everything you want. Can it? And is it right that television, which appears to be the moral guide for so many people these days, perpetuates the “greed is good” theory of life and makes them believe that it is correct to demand, demand, demand. Are we really a society of pirates, sticking to the code of “Take what you can…Give nothing back”? Or is Mick Jagger really a great 20th Century philosopher? Crikey…this is what happens when I watch bad television.

I am also interested in your thoughts on this. Please feel free to leave (relevant) comments/thoughts below. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “I Want, Never Gets

  1. We definitely shouldn’t always get what we want. Unfortunately our society is very much geared towards that, and I think a lot of parents feel under pressure to get the latest toy/gadget for their kids so they don’t feel left out at school. Thus the idea of ‘having it all’ is impregnated really early on. At the moment Alexander (4 and a bit) has taken to saying “you’re not being kind to me!” When I don’t let him get his own way. I have explained that actually the opposite is true! We learn a lot in life by not having everything we want. As the saying goes “a little bit of what you fancy does you good”. But not everything that you fancy.

  2. I know, the pressure is astounding. Advertising during children’s programmes should absolutely be banned, I really do. Let’s start a campaign! I mean, before the kids see the flashy advert for the latest piece of moulded plastic crap Made In China they NEVER KNEW IT EXISTED. Afterwards, however, well they simply cannot live without it! Darling Daughter has also pulled the “You are not nice! *foot stomp*” act on me when I have denied her something that is massively overpriced, not necessary and would last approximately 5 minutes in our house. But you sometimes have to be a little bit cruel to be kind.

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