The Work Christmas Party

Generally speaking, it seems to be the accepted wisdom that any office/work Christmas party is going to be utterly, utterly awful. Crap location, blah food, cringeworthy speaches from the boss(es), everyone gets pissed far too early on cheap booze and someone always does something really, truly embarrassing (and I don’t just mean the “dancing” to the “DJ”…)

Now I like a good whinge as much as the next blogger, but I have to say that this year my employer’s Christmas party last night was really, really nice. And fun. Actually, really fun.

It was nothing wildly out of the ordinary: we travelled by coach to the rented old Coachhouse of a kind of stately home/farm out in the beautiful Schleswig-Holstein countryside (near to a big lake called the Warder See), got poshed up in our hotel rooms, sipped sekt, enjoyed a four-course meal accompanied by some very nice German wines (both white and red, unusually) and then danced (waaaay into the wee hours) like crazy people to the eminently better-than-usual skills of the hired DJ. We slept (briefly) in local hotels and travelled back to Hamburg this morning. I got home in time for lunch at my in-laws’ house (good timing!)

Ok, so there were a few hiccups, but even the best-laid plans always have room to go awry. Yes, the sudden, unannounced roadworks did cause a slight delay. Yes, the waitresses roaming the outside of the dancefloor with shots of schnapps probably did put paid to a few good intentions. No, gentlemen, it is never a good idea to take off your shirt (even if you are po-going around to “Primadonna Girl“…).

But on the whole, this was a night to remember. The location at Gut Pronstorf was spectacular and our host truly generous. There were speaches but, in contrast to previous years/employers, everyone was thanked for their hard work over the past years; not just management, not just the lawyers (yes, I work for a law firm…). Very refreshing indeed. I am looking forward to next year’s party!

Here are a few photos from the location (although I have no interior shots because I stupidly left my phone in my hotel room…):

Our hotel, the Pronstorfer Krug.

Our hotel, the Pronstorfer Krug.

Our evening location, Gut Pronstorfer.

Our evening location, Gut Pronstorf.

Wintery landscape in Schleswig-Holstein.

Wintery landscape in Schleswig-Holstein.

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