About Me

Meg Blair Gajda

American-born, UK-raised, German-by-marriage Europhile. Proud citizen of the world. Mother of three beautiful, crazy, inspiring and exasperating children and married to a man who makes life interesting and without whom I couldn’t live. I enjoy cooking when I have the time (please visit my other blog, My Tiny House Blog, for recipes!). My great love is reading, mainly detective novels it must be admitted. Currently quite addicted to watching films and US or Scandinavian crime drama on the Amazon Fire Stick (this is hi-tec in this family, believe me…), travelling (with or without the kids), taking photographs and writing my blogs (when I remember/have time).

In the real world I work in Marketing for a US law firm, which I do from our offices in the beautiful Hanseatic city-state of Hamburg. I am a crazy-busy person and one of these days it may all end in tears and expensive psychiatric care in a rural home for the befuddled, but until then I am enjoying the challenge (as they say…)


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